The John Crosland School has a rigorous academic program with proven strategies around learning, including:

Experiential learning through auditory, visual and kinesthetic techniques. Students have the opportunity to integrate, better retain, and manipulate information in their world.

Individualized teaching. While Crosland follows the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction Curriculum Standards, the method of teaching accommodates each student’s unique readiness level and learning style.

Small class sizes. Classes consist of no more than twelve and the small school community maximizes learning opportunities in a personalized setting.

Focus on analyzing and problem solving skills rather than simply absorbing facts. The fast pace and complexity of the work world requires our students to use facts to make decisions rather than just memorize them.

Well-versed Reading Specialists are trained in a specific, multi-sensory approach to teaching reading.

Specially trained faculty who are experts in learning disabilities. Faculty is regularly trained in techniques and cutting-edge methods that enable students who learn differently to succeed.